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Release Notes

4-16-2014 (Version
  • Upgraded print functionality to allow for Current Page and Page Range functionality
4-16-2014 (Version
  • Upgraded the licensing checks to handle alternate URLs for enhanced useability
  • Updated to the .NET Framework 4.5.1
8-28-2013 (Version
  • Fixed a bug where deleting all pages doesn't properly refresh the view
8-28-2013 (Version
  • Added a Save option
  • Added a user setting to disable the Paste Location dialog (pastes before the first selected page if Paste Location is disabled)
  • Added the ability to drag and drop thumbnails to rearrange pages
8-19-2013 (Version
  • Fixed a bug when opening files marked read-only
8-16-2013 (Version
  • Added copy past function
  • Added cut page function
  • Added paste page function
  • Added page rotation by 90°
  • Improved in-memory caching function

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