Company Profile

2X Computers has over 15 years' experience. Our staff is here to help you quickly! You choose whether we work on-site or remotely. We are in the process of implementing a customer portal so that you can review and submit support requests through an online ticketing system.


All our business services, hosted services, and on-site jobs are insured. You can trust and depend on us to be as careful as possible with your systems. You will have peace of mind knowing that your services and servers are insured!

What Makes Us Different?

What makes 2X Computers different? It's simple: not only do we pride ourselves on our service, staff, help desk, and infrastructure, WE LISTEN TO YOU! You are the customer and we do our best to individualize a plan based on your needs. Lastly, we care, are honest, and have built 15+ years of integrity.

What our customers are saying...